"Dear SafeToGo, Thank you for your guidance through the licensing process. Your knowledge of Washington State Licensing requirements and help navigating through it was greatly appreciated. I would like to send a special thank you to the owner, Monica. The young man I was working with had some special needs, your encouragement and heart felt congratulation when he passed meant so much to him!"
Gayle T
Snohomish, WA
"My daughter attended the Safe2Go driving school in Monroe in June 2013. I was really hoping for a good experience for her and I saw the advertisements around town for the new driving school and checked out their website. It looked good, and the timing of the classes was ideal and they said that the smaller class sizes were beneficial to the kids so we decided on Safe2Go. I have been impressed with them throughout the experience. The staff is very helpful and responsive. I had many questions, and they always emailed back with answers very quickly. I needed flexibility with payment arrangements, and they accommodated those needs graciously, which was a big relief to me. My daughter really enjoyed her instructor, who was personable and knowledgeable. The drives were helpful and the material was covered very thoroughly and the subject matter treated as very important. Whenever I had questions or concerns, the staff continued to be helpful and worked out any issues that came up. Best of all, my daughter got 100% on her final test for the class, and she is quickly becoming a skilled, conscientious driver. I highly recommend Safe2Go Driving school in Monroe!"
Macy Haverly
Sultan, WA
"My instructor is Shannon and I really like the class because I feel I am learning a lot of specific driving details that will help me be a safe and alert driver in the future! It's a very relaxed environment and I have learned a lot in the past couple weeks! I'm halfway through the class and looking forward to the rest of the course."
Brittany Sarto
"My Son Attending the teen course in May with Shannon who is a very pleasant instructor who my son was really comfortable with especially during the drives he never complained once about being nervous he actually has taught me some new strategies and keeps me on my toes in driving we look forward to having all my other children go here as well, they seem to be on top of all the DOL guidelines and in preparing my son for his future license and more then anything to be a safe driver which is any parents ultimate goal and is a winner for me . Thank You Safe2Go for your time and effort you put into my son."
Viri Guerra M
"I love the school, the atmosphere, and how the teens are cared for. As a mother of three, having used a different school before this one, I can certainly see the difference in how self confident my current student is when driving. I had to teach my other two how to parallel park, but this school uses reference points so anyone can get it done regardless of height. Most importantly, the instructors care about each individual student and their success."
Astrid M. Perez
"This is the second time we've been through driver's ed, the first time being with a different driving school through the high school that my daughter didn't like and didn't complete (she dropped out after the instructor yelled at her). So, we were hesistant about which school to choose next. Safe 2 Go proved to be a good choice. My daughter gained more confidence in her driving abilities and really liked and respected her teachers. Astrid was a good teacher. My daughter's skill level and knowledge has increased, and now she actually wants to practice driving. I would recommend Safe 2 Go to anyone, great experience."
Doris H.
"Ms. Asterid / Perez is the best teacher ever!!!!! She makes learning so fun and had me actually wanting to learn. I recommend this to new drivers. :)"
Kat V.