Safe, Confident Drivers, for Life

So everyone feels safe on the road

Student Classes

The Teen Drivers Safety Education and Certification Course will teach students important topics. Along with classroom theory and instruction, the students will participate in hands-on driving time with Safe2Go Driving School instructors.

Adult Classes

Adult drivers who would like to improve their driving skills as well as those who have never learned to drive are invited to enroll in our Adult Drivers Education Course. Designed specifically for adult drivers who need initial or additional drivers training.

DOL Testing

Safe2Go Driving School is approved by the State of Washington to conduct both the DOL state written and driving tests. If registering online  once we receive confirmation of your order we will call you to schedule your appointment.

Ensuring that the next generations of drivers are trained safely and responsibly is a joint effort. That is why Safe2Go Driving School encourages parent involvement and support for their Teens to insure safer drivers for the future. At Safe2Go, you can learn the defensive driving skills you need to avoid bad drivers and stay collision free. This is not just another business for us. Our families use the same roads as our students. We have an interest in ensuring that we teach our students to drive safely and responsibly.