About Us

Training safe, confident drivers, for life.

At Safe2go, students come first! We believe that every student has the right to learn in a positive and safe environment in which every student feels respected and connected with the staff. We know different students respond better to different styles of teaching. We have developed a strong curriculum that addresses the needs of all types of learners: hands on, visual, auditory and more. We understand that teens are still developing their sense of personal responsibility so we work with them to help them think through the consequences of the choices they will make as drivers.

As parents ourselves, we also place a high priority on physical safety.  Our classes are located in safe surroundings with fully lit parking lots for the safety of our teens and parents’ peace of mind.

Safe2Go Driving School is family owned and operated. We understand the mix of pride and concern parents feel when it comes time to hand the keys to a teenage son or daughter. That is why we are committed to providing comprehensive driver training that gives students the knowledge, practice and confidence they need to keep themselves and others safe while driving in all circumstances—both expected and unexpected.

The mission of Safe2Go Driving School is to prepare students for a lifetime of collision-free driving. Safe2Go emphasizes the serious responsibility that comes with the freedom to drive a car. Our state-certified instructors genuinely care about each student and are committed to the safety and success of every student.